Choosing the perfect kitchen door style and finish is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as you create a space that reflects your individual tastes and needs. From modern and minimalist to traditional and cosy. Oaklands Kitchens Leicester will help you explore all the possibilities and create an aesthetic you love.

Kitchen Door Styles and Finishes

Kitchen door styles and finishes are an important part of creating the perfect look for your kitchen interior design. Choose a style that not only speaks to your individual taste but also ties in with the overall design of the space. From classic J rail kitchens with Shaker style doors to sleek modern handle-less slab doors, there is something for every type of kitchen aesthetic. When considering finishes for your project, you may opt for a painted door or pre-laminated cut and edge or wrapped door.  Transform your home from drab to fab in an instant with kitchen doors from Oaklands located in Leicester! Our high-quality products offer stunning aesthetics and effective storage solutions, so you can get cooking in style.

In-frame and J Rail Kitchens 

Kitchen design has come a long way, and in-frame and J rail kitchens are great options to explore. These modern kitchen types offer homeowners the opportunity to craft a kitchen space that’s tailored to their needs.  In-frame kitchen doors are stylish and classic, with a timeless beauty that won’t go out of fashion. They are set into a frame visible from both sides, giving them a beautiful characterful look. Meanwhile, J Rail Kitchen Doors have an easy-glide mechanism allowing for effortless access to shelves or cupboards within them. Making them both stylish and efficient! For anyone looking for excellent quality kitchen doors that can transform their home with great aesthetics and efficient storage solutions – getting your kitchen door from Oaklands in Leicester is the way to go.

Handleless Kitchen Design 

Kitchen Interior Design is slowly transitioning from the traditional door styles and finishes to something much more modern: Handleless Kitchen Design! This style creates a sleek, minimalist look with minimal or no hardware which could be just what you need for your next kitchen remodel. With Handleless Kitchen Design, you’ll get the benefits of simplicity and functionality combined. While it may have its drawbacks like any kitchen remodel choice, there are ways to accessorise a handleless kitchen to get that extra touch of personality without losing the clean aesthetic. Whether you’re installing cut/edge doors, shaker-style doors, or painted finish doors without handles, a Handleless Kitchen Design is a great option if you are looking for an easy-to-maintain kitchen design with a classic appearance that fits your home’s decor.

Kitchen Slab Doors 

Kitchen Slab Doors are the perfect way to add a unique and modern touch to your kitchen. They are becoming a very popular style choice with their simple lines and stylish appearance, providing an ideal balance between functionality and aesthetics. Kitchen Remodel projects can use slab doors to create a minimalist look in any kitchen, from adding contrast between cabinets to creating an entirely new look. Whether you choose painted, cut and edge, or wrapped slabs, you can be sure that your newly designed kitchen will stand out for its style and character!

Shaker Style Kitchen Doors

Shaker style kitchen doors combine a traditional look with a modern feel. Oaklands Leicester has multiple unique door styles and finishes to choose from that brings personality to any space. From in-frame and J rail kitchens to painted finish Shaker style doors, you are sure to find something that fits your individual style. They also come in wrap or cut and edge designs, meaning you have a variety of options to choose from. Shaker style will always provide that timeless charm and functionality you desire.

Painted Finish Doors

One door type that can turn any kitchen remodel into a masterpiece is the painted finish door. They are customisable and you can mix and match different colours and tones to create a unique look. However, one major disadvantage with this kind of door is that the paint might flake off over time and get damaged fairly easily, which can greatly reduce its lifespan when compared to other materials. It’s important to keep in mind the amount of wear and tear your kitchen will be under before committing to a painted finish for your Kitchen Door Styles and Finishes.

Kitchen door styles and finishes are key markers of an aesthetically pleasing and unique kitchen. Keep in mind the type of look you want to achieve and your budget is key when choosing the right door for your kitchen. Painted door finishes can bring a modern touch to any space, while slab doors offer elegance. There’s something for everyone! Want help with your kitchen remodel, visit our Leicester showroom and take the time to explore all the options available so Oaklands can find the perfect match for your home.