There is a design of shower or enclosure available for your space, the right guidance will help you achieve the desired finish for your bathroom.


Quadrant Shower

A quadrant shower enclosure is a very popular choice as it is ideal for a wide variety of bathrooms including shower rooms and en-suites. Quadrant enclosures fit into the corner of a room helping save space and with their curved profile, look seamless and work perfectly in either small or large settings.

Walk in Shower

Walk in shower enclosures are narrow framed or frameless glass panels paired with a low level shower tray. The defining feature of a walk in shower is that is has no door, instead the panel is either attached to the wall giving access to it from one end or held parallel to a wall by a pole creating a complete walk through design. Walk in showers are sleek and minimal in design and are suitable for both families and the elderly

Wet Rooms

Wet rooms are very similar to walk in showers and are often confused for each other. Whilst wet rooms can have a large glass panel they don’t require a shower tray as the water drains away through a drain in the floor. Because of this the floor of the wet room needs to slope slightly to direct the water towards the drain. Underfloor heating is a good addition to a wet room as it gives a luxurious feel under foot and also helps the area dry quickly.

Thermostatic Showers

Your standard shower that will run from your hot and cold pipework, a budget friendly option that is suitable for all homes. Consider upgrading to dual head thermostatic shower to create a wow factor with a rainshower head. Perfect for contemporary designs with its sleek minimal look.

Electric Showers

They differ from your standard shower as they use electricity to heat the cold water, meaning that no hot water pipe connection is required, a great option in a second bathroom/ensuite as it will cover you incase of any emergencies where you may be left without hot water.

Digital Showers

The ultimate shower experience, they use a digital thermostat within the shower unit, allowing you to programme your exact preferred temperature at the touch of a button. With all the pipework concealed and often fitted with a rainshower a digital shower is the ultimate in luxury showering.

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