Good lighting can be used to help create a mood, enhance style and create several areas in a room.

The three main types are ambient, accent and task.

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Ambient is the main source of light that sets the feel of the room this can be done in spot, hanging ceiling lights or a feature light. Whatever style you choose it should provide enough light for you to be able to see and move around comfortably and safely.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting can be layered on top of ambient and is used to highlight particular areas and features. This could be lengths of LED strip mounted to the underside of kitchen cabinets, spots lights inserted into plinths, picture lights to highlight artwork or wall scones to create soft atmospheric lighting.

Task lighting 

Task lighting should be provided by a variety of different sources to give you the option to adjust the lighting depending on the task. Lighting on the underside of kitchen wall cabinets provides lighting for preparing food without the need of turning the main lights on. Whilst directional table lamps in a study or living room can be used for reading, crafts or work.

LED bulbs and strips are longer-lasting alternatives to traditional bulbs, they come in a range of styles from colour-changing strips to traditional-looking filament bulbs for feature lights, all with the added bonus that they give off very little heat and are very energy efficient.

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