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Kitchen Remodel

Renovating your home is always such a fun thing to do. As busy as it can be, it allows you to create a space of your dreams. And this is very much the case when it comes to your kitchen remodel.

Most of the time, the most important part of an extension or renovation is a stunning kitchen design. It’s the heart of the home and where we all spend so much time. It’s such a social and welcoming element of the home, so you want to make sure that the design is planned well. This way, it can add to your lifestyle.

The classic kitchen-diner is always a huge hit. But it’s such a nice idea to blend both. We’ve got a wealth of ideas to help you make that happen and take on the trendy ‘broken plan living’ idea of the past year or so. And we can help you update your kitchen on a budget!

Take a look at the steps to take in order to execute the perfect kitchen remodel, whether you’re extending, want something open-plan, or not. Get ready to feel inspired and maximize your redesign.

Designing The Right Layout

First of all, you need to design it right. We offer a full package to help you here. The Oaklands design process creates a full 3D design for you to ensure that you can create the open plan kitchen of your dreams. We’ll maximize on space and make sure the style fits your taste.

Incorporate Current Trends In Your Remodel

As you’re going through the planning process, you might want to look at working a few current kitchen design trends into your remodel. Are you inspired by the designer slab style or are you more of a handless less kind of person? It can be fun to play around with designs and create something truly spectacular.

Include New Patio Doors

When you want an open plan space, it’s exciting to think about creating that fluidity between your kitchen and the outdoors. So, you might want to consider installing new patio doors here too. Think about how you can extend the space out into the garden this way.

Choose Classic Cabinets For An Elegant Look

As you start to think more carefully about the finishing touches in your kitchen remodel, it’s nice to focus on something chic, classic and elegant. For this, we’d recommend that you take a look at our English Revival range. Make a statement with something contemporary but quintessentially British.

Lighting Is Key

A final finishing touch that can make such a difference is the idea of kitchen lighting. As you’re working through your extension or open plan remodel, great lighting can make all the difference. Think about whether you want ambient, accent or task lighting in the space, or a combination!

Are you looking to remodel your kitchen soon? Let us help you. Our design process and finishing touches could help to create the kitchen space of your dreams.


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