Create the bathroom experience that suits you, from a showerbath to a centre-piece freestanding bath, your room will come to life with the perfect style.


When you are working with limited space within a bathroom sometimes small tweaks can help make a space feel less claustrophobic or create a larger opening between a tight walkway. Curved baths are perfect for this as removing the corner from a bath softens the design and create a feeling of additional space without sacrificing any internal bathing size.

Freestanding Modern

A freestanding bath is the ultimate statement when looking for an elegant centrepiece in your bathroom. When looking for a bath to fit within a modern setting there are a wide range of shapes and styles available to you. Styles such as a slipper bath are popular with their extended backrest offering a head support as well as a striking design.

Gone are the days of cast iron freestanding baths, modern baths now use acrylic based materials giving the baths great heat retention and warm to the touch.

Freestanding Traditional

If you are looking for the ultimate statement piece in your bathroom, then a freestanding bath is the perfect piece. There are plenty of options to consider when looking for a freestanding bath to suit a more traditional design. Roll top baths with decorative feet are a popular or consider something a little more subtle like a soaking tub for an understated timeless look.

We supply burlington freestanding baths who offer the option to paint the exterior of your bath with an acrylic based primer & paint meaning you can customise your bath to perfectly match your style.


If you are struggling for space in your bathroom but still want the best of both then a showerbath is the prefect option for you. You don’t have to settle on the design of a showerbath as there are a wide range of styles to suit everybody. Pair it with a frameless screen to give a minimal look to your design.

A P shaped bath is a great option if you are looking to get the most space from your shower area within the bath. A reinforced option is a great benefit as it is not only sturdier but also has greater heat retention.

Single & Double Ended Baths

If you are looking for a simple understated bath then a standard single or double ended bath will fit your needs. Available in different shapes to suit your taste and the option of having the taps at the end or make a feature and fit them centrally. Consider a bath shower mixer built along the back wall to create a design feature as well as a practical addition.

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