Every so often, a renovation or refurbishment on parts of your home will be needed. Things can age and the various footfalls that a room experiences can result in damage and general wear and tear.

When it comes to changing your kitchen, bathroom design, why is design so important? Designing a space that reflects you and your household is essential because, at the end of the day, you want it to be functional and aesthetically pleasing to enjoy, right? At Oaklands, we’re experts in design and can work with you to design and create a bespoke space. Here are a few reasons why design is important and why you should be factoring it into your renovations.

It Helps When Working With Small Spaces

Let’s face it, not everyone has big spaces to work with, and it’s likely that some of the spaces within your home are likely to be odd in shape. That can be frustrating when you’re trying to plan a space with a less than perfect layout. However, the right designs can help cheat the space and in some cases can help small spaces look a lot bigger than they are. For example, hidden storage can help to minimize clutter but also reduce the amount of furniture in the room. Rugs can help define spaces and using multiple forms of light can avert the eyes to different areas of the room, rather than just having the one source of lighting.

Shows Personality In Your Home

There’s nothing more lack-lustre than having a home that’s plain. Yes, neutral colours can be nice in the home, but when you’ve got no personality in terms of style and design, you make the space feel very boring and cold. Think about your own personality both individually and as a household. Incorporating those elements, whether it be through soft furnishings or furniture can make a big difference. It’ll wow your guests and make you feel more comfortable in your own home, rather than feeling like a stranger.

Adds Functionality

Functionality is an important part of any room in your home and design allows that to happen. You don’t want to be bumping into items of furniture or finding that certain pieces of furniture are clashing or banging into something else. Saving space and making it work for you and your household is important. It needs to work for those members of your household, whether it’s just you and your partner, or as a family of four.

Helps With Resale Value

Depending on your budget, doing home renovations can be great for the resale value of your home. By designing a room that’s modern and stylish, it’s appealing to any future home buyers that don’t need to worry about updating the home when it’s recently been done. If selling your home is on the cards for the future, then it’s certainly worth renovating your home. Design is an important part of home renovation, so if you’re looking at improving your home, then be sure to take a look at our design services or contact us today.