Renovating any room of the house is a costly endeavour that requires thoughtful budgeting before you begin the project. The supply of materials, labour costs, and unforeseen planning issues are ameliorated by worthwhile budgeting in advance, and funding to help smooth over issues that may occur.

The desire to remodel environments like our bathroom can be strong after some time, as this room can tend to feel quite dated if not upheld to modern standards. Yet hygiene, style, and functionality must be preserved perfectly in order for the bathroom to remain a calming, private and safe place for the entire family to use.

When costing out the overall price of a bathroom remodel, it’s important to divide your spending into subcategories. For instance, the cost of a new bathroom mirror may be diminutive depending on where you source it, or quite high depending on the vintage and unique styling you wish to opt for.

In this post, we’ll discuss where pricing fluctuates most, and what effect that may have on your budgeting plans.


Of course, labour costs tend to be charged either per hour or per the estimated scope of the project, and sometimes this work can run over schedule. It’s important to consider just what labour costs are most important, but be sure not to scrimp and save solely to keep hold of your budget. A bathroom is not the place for deep DIY jobs, especially with the sensitivity of plumbing and electrical circuits working in tandem with one another.

From electricians to plumbers and general contractors, it’s important to know the exact scope of the job each will provide and if one service can grant you all of these provisions. Of course, more specific labour, such as stained glass window installers, may quote their own price for niche and unique work undertaken.


While tiles are relatively cheap in general, their installation is long and intensive, and not all materials are costed alike. Tiling can also cover a wide degree of surface area in a bathroom, and sometimes, tiles break and may need replacement or maintenance as time goes on. As such, they are considered a significant expense worth keeping in mind.

Furnishes & Materials

Depending on the materials and furnishings you opt for, costs can vary. An enamel toilet handle is going to cost more than a varnished wooden alternative, for instance. Marble surfaces and flooring is going to cost more than almost any other realistic material you could opt for. Some woods, like walnut, are more expensive than others depending on the rustic look you’re going for. Make sure to cost your project based on the specific materials you expect to acquire.

Reorienting The Bathroom

This one is rather clear. If you need to reorient the bathroom, as in move the fixtures like toilets and shower units to different positions, the wiring and plumbing network needs to be adjusted at a foundational level. This takes time, and as such, incurs cost.

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