Broken plan is the latest design trend when it comes to living space but what is the difference between it and open-plan.

Open plan living dining spaces have been a popular trend for years now with most new build properties sporting a kitchen diner rather than a separate dining room and older properties having walls knocked down to accommodate it. These spaces are often large and can also include space for a seating area as well as a kitchen and dining and as the name suggest are completely open.

So what’s broken-plan?

Broken-plan is essentially one large space divided up into zones, this can be achieved with the use of different floor finishes, changes in levels and the use of partitions to create areas for cooking, relaxing or studying. It is about retaining all the things that work about open plan whilst creating the zones for privacy should you want or need it.

Freestanding shelving, half walls and kitchen islands can help create a broken-plan look. This creates zones allowing for the space to remain bright and open but also creates hubs that bring families together.

Broken-plan is being seen as the next evolution of open plan with people shifting towards wanting a space that can be used independently but still has flexibility. The idea of broken-plan was noted as an emerging trend for luxury properties last year however that is now shifting and standard home owners are looking to a broken-plan style for their next renovation.

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