Open-plan kitchens are a popular trend right now within interior design and home renovation. The benefits of opening up your space are that they present you with more flexibility of the space and it can make even the smallest of spaces feel a lot bigger. If you’re looking into ideas for a kitchen extension, then opening it up is a great choice to consider. There’s plenty of inspiration that can help transform these spaces to add value to the home and present you with exciting new surroundings. With that being said, here are some open-plan kitchen ideas to try out.

Look at Ways the Kitchen can be Extended 

In order to provide an open-plan space, it’s worth looking at what you currently have available to you when it comes to rooms in the home. Perhaps you’ve got a garage and a garage conversion could be useful to extend the kitchen further. Make use of what you already have and what might be possible through existing rooms in the home. There are plenty of open-plan formats that will work with your space, so start brainstorming.

Get Creative with Space-Saving Solutions

To ensure your kitchen extension achieves the objective of being more spacious, you want to be creative with your space-saving solutions. Think about how you could incorporate storage within the changes you make to the space. Whether that’s adding more cabinets, or making use of dining chair seats with under-seat storage, the list is endless.

Incorporate Unique and Different Textures into the Space

While black quartz might be a popular kitchen material to use on countertops, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Try incorporating a unique selection of textures and materials into the space so that it gives the eyes something to draw themselves to.  For Example natural textures like wood or stone to man-made materials like porcelain or recycled glass.

Provide a Kitchen Island as a Focal Entertaining Point

If you love entertaining, whether it be your own family or friends, a kitchen island really helps bring everyone together. It’s also a great focal point within the space that works in pretty much all open-plan settings. Kitchen islands are fun to add to the space and provide more opportunities for storage and food prep.

Don’t Just Stick to One Colour

While it may seem trendy at the time, avoid sticking with just one particular colour or a colour scheme that seems to be painfully overused. Be experimental with your colour palette and consider what colours bring joy. After all, you’ll be using this space the most, so you want it to be an enjoyable space to be in. If you’re looking for inspiration or assistance with your open-plan kitchen ideas, just take a look at Oakland Leicester. It’s a long-standing company that’s responsible for the design, installation, and construction work for many homes and clients in the area. 

When taking your home to the next level with an open-plan layout, Oakland Leicester should be the first place you turn to.