2021 offers exciting new design trends to spruce up your kitchen and add style and a touch of glamour. From your kitchen cabinets to your sinks and faucets, here are the kitchen trends 2021 brings.

Green is the “IT” kitchen colour for 2021

No need for dull colours anymore! Use green wall or shelf colours to usher the outside inside. Sage green colour, for example, offers a feel of the contemporary while you can enrich your traditional kitchen design with a touch of a more conventional green tone. 

The working kitchen

2021 is seeing the slow fade of the old and isolated kitchen area for a more multifunctional space. That’s the idea behind the working or functional kitchen. Consider designs like integrated seating areas, extended breakfast islands or bars, low-level storage solutions, and other designs that can turn your space into a workstation. 

The open kitchen shelfie

Closed shelves are looking pretty old and boring now, as open shelves begin to trend. Floating shelves are ideal for creating open spaces, offering the perfect place to store plates, stylish appliances, and some design elements. 

Dual-tone kitchen designs

There’s more design freedom to experiment with contrasting two-tone designs instead of using the same or similar colours throughout. For example, you can contrast dark coloured cabinets with bright floor designs. But don’t forget the areas of your kitchen that aren’t immediately visible. Your cabinets’ interiors, for example, could have a contrasting colour to the exterior. 

A feature splashback 

Make your kitchen design as unique as possible with a feature splashback that adds vibrancy and intensity. The splashback is becoming the ultimate wow factor.

Versatile seating arrangements

Another thing slowly fading off is the traditional seating space. With most people spending more time at home, your kitchen design should accommodate more versatile seating areas. This way, you can work, rest, entertain yourself, and eat in from the comfort of your kitchen. 

Wine storage

Because more people are beginning to spend a lot of time cooking and entertaining themselves at home, the modern kitchen design makes room for wine storage in their kitchen in a way that does not compromise on other appliances or cabinet space. 

A versatile kitchen island

Another thing that can use more versatility in your kitchen is your kitchen island. Homeowners are now making their kitchen islands a place to cook, sit, eat, and even entertain themselves. 

Hot water taps

Hot water taps are another thing changing the way we handle some daily tasks in the kitchen. Instead of always resorting to a kettle, all you need to do is fetch from your hot water tap. With the need for energy conservation at the top of global issues, hot water taps offer a more energy-efficient means of accessing hot or boiling water. 

A touch of marble

Marble finishes continue to be the trendsetters as far as the modern kitchen design is concerned. Marble always represents elegance and style and can breathe new life into any kitchen design or set-up. 

If you are planning a new kitchen and like the sound of one of these trends, we’d love to hear from you about how we can bring your dream to reality. Book an appointment for our designer to come out and let us create a kitchen to your exact specification and needs.