We cannot deny the fact that open living plans have become incredibly popular in recent times. This style of living is something people enjoy, as it means the possibilities are endless. However, you will still probably want to have some form of separation, so that you have separate zones when it comes to the kitchen and the living room area. Considering that, here are some ideas you can use:

How to separate open kitchen from living room

  1. Kitchen Island
    The first option to consider is investing in a quality kitchen island. This will also give you more workspace in your kitchen area, which is always welcomed. 
  2. Zone with furniture
    Furniture zoning is one of the most effective ways of creating separate spaces without there needing to be a wall. This involves careful placing of the likes of sofas and kitchen tables so that it is evident that here is one zone for cooking, one zone for relaxing, and so on.
  3. Storage – shelving, bookcases, sideboards, etc
    You can use storage to your advantage when it comes to separating your open kitchen. From sideboards to bookcases, storage is something most homes are crying out for today. If this applies to you, use it in a thoughtful way to separate your kitchen from the living area effectively. 
  4. Bold contrast in colours and interior design
    Having two different styles of interior design can make a big difference too. For example, you could choose a blue and grey colour palette for your living area, and then you may want to choose a white and green colour palette for your kitchen. Going for a bold contrast when it comes to the interior design of the two rooms will ensure they are viewed as two separate zones.
  5. Floors – lower/heighten floors or different flooring (tiles/carpet/wood)
    You can also separate your kitchen and the living area with flooring. There are two options here. The first is to either heighten or lower the flooring, as this will create a physical separation that creates the feeling of two rooms. You may also decide to have two different styles of flooring. For example, you could opt for tiles or wood in the kitchen, and then carpet in the living area. Alternatively, you may wish to go for tiles in the kitchen and then wood in the living area, finished off with a beautiful rug.
  6. Lighting – different lighting in the two sections
    Finally, have you considered using different lighting in the two sections? Lighting plays a massive role when it comes to interior design, yet a lot of people do not use it as much as they should. By having different styles of lighting, you create a different mood and feeling in each space.

To conclude, when it comes to an open living plan, you will probably want to create zones within the space so that your living room and kitchen are separate despite there not being walls. Using the suggestions above should help you to achieve this in a stylish and thoughtful manner.

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