How do you plan a kitchen? That is a significant question. Because the kitchen is such a high-use section of the home, learning how to design a kitchen is worthwhile, even if you hire a kitchen designer to help you. Understanding the steps can help you in designing your own kitchen or providing a clear brief to your designer.

Establish Your Needs

Before you design a kitchen, you should examine how the space will be utilised, beginning with your daily routine. If cooking is your passion, making a space that caters to your culinary adventures is a must. Alternatively, if you party often, a place that can accommodate visitors will be a must-have. It is also necessary to plan ahead of time, assessing how your family or lifestyle will change over time.


Establish Your Wants 

The needs for your kitchen are crucial; no one wants a kitchen they can’t use properly because it’s all style over function. However, once the needs have been established, it’s time to move on to your wants – the must-have elements that will make your kitchen truly unique and special for you. 

This could be anything, depending on the space available and your budget (and as long as your needs are still met). Perhaps you love the idea of a kitchen island or a boiling water tap. Maybe you want all appliances hidden. Perhaps you want to hang cooking utensils from the ceiling. Make a list of what you want that would make your kitchen perfect for you. 


Work Out Your Budget

Of course, as much fun as designing your new kitchen might be, the fact is that you will have to pay for it, so you’ll need to know just how much you can spend to ensure you don’t go overboard. 

Do you want to pay for the kitchen outright? How much can you afford? Will that mean you have to compromise on some of the items on your ‘want list’? What about paying monthly? Would that fit in with your household budget? Once you have determined how much you can spend and how you will organise the payment, you can set out finalising your ideas. 


Find A Kitchen Designer 

Most people find that going to a specialised kitchen company is the easiest way to have a kitchen built. Not only can they create multiple designs depending on your requirement, but many also provide fitting services.

By requesting prices and designs from at least three kitchen companies, you’ll have a better understanding of what’s achievable with the space you have and who provides the most competitive pricing for design and installation.

Contact Oakland today to discuss your kitchen design Leicester and for pricing – we’re experts in kitchens, and we’ve got the answers to all your questions. No matter what kind of kitchen you have in mind, we can help you achieve it through excellent design, superb quality products, amazing installations, and fantastic customer service.