The open spaces in houses are becoming popular among families who can easily spend more time with each other. Whether it is a dining area, living room, kitchen or bathroom aligned with the master bedroom, this design carries numerous virtue to the house.

Open plan design not only increases the sense of space but also lights up the room and blurs the line between the living area and kitchen, permitting families to spend more time together in one place. This blog will discuss some useful flooring ideas for an open plan kitchen living room.

Choose a versatile colour

Choosing a versatile colour highlight the style of your living room and does not divert from decoration choices such as wall colour, artwork and rugs. A neutral colour is an ideal option for open-plan spaces. Do not think that neural means boring, but it is a great choice for complimenting the living room decorations. Oaklands Leicester offers a variety of neutral, natural colour and tone options.

Be consistent

The basic rule while picking the flooring for your open plan is to be consistent as possible. Adhere to a similar flooring option for the whole space. If you mix and match different flooring colours and materials, it will look like your open region is divided into zones. And you will not accomplish a sense of unified space. Karndean flooring Leicester is a great option to achieve consistency in your open plan kitchen living room.

A neutral background

Open plan kitchen has to accommodate dining areas, coffee table, casual furniture sitting space and kitchen cabinetry. A simple and natural background will be suitable where the kitchen extends across cabinetry, leaving enough space for the dining area and sofas. Try our Karndean flooring Leicester for calm and natural background

Soften area with rugs

Even though the same type of flooring option makes unified space in open plan areas, it does not mean you cannot apply a few touches to define each area without disturbing the interconnecting feature. Especially, the open plan living area feels more comfortable and cosy with the addition of a rug surrounding the seating area. It creates a feeling of warmth and softens the area; ensure the rug does not create any hazard in your open plan living room.

Think holistically

Utilize a holistic approach when picking flooring for open-plan spaces. Do not think about what looks best in the kitchen but consider the whole area from the living and dining spaces to the kitchen. Some flooring option looks best in the kitchen, but they are not ideal for the living area. Consider the various factors such as durability, practicality and how it will look with the rest of the furnishing, decoration and furniture.

There are plenty of flooring options that work really well with open plan areas. It is important to choose the correct flooring as open plan space covers a large area. Look at different options and make the right decision. Take a look at our high-quality Karndean flooring Leicester; we offer luxurious karndean vinyl flooring. Contact us today to make a worthwhile investment in your home.