In most cases, or based on where you live, you might not need planning permission to turn your garage space into an extra living space in your home. That is usually the case if the work involved will only happen internally and doesn’t come with increasing or enlarging the size of your property.

However, some rights that permit property development may be removed on specific conditions or grounds. This will make it impossible to convert your garage without getting the needed permission, even if it does not extend the size of your home. That is usually the case when your house or property is part of a housing project or estate. Additionally, you may also find that some planning permissions make it impossible to change the location of the garage. For example, you may need to get permission if your project involves moving the garage from the parking space. 

Find that your right to develop or modify your property in any way is revoked because of certain conditions that came with the previous planning permission. You can have that condition removed by submitting a different planning application. 

However, the process will also depend on the nature of the development work. For example, as mentioned earlier, if your development work does not end up expanding or enlarging the outer part of your garage, then the “permitted development rights” should be more than enough to cover your work. But if your development will turn your garage into a different accommodation or flat with its facilities, then your project will fall under a different building classification. That means you will need separate planning and building permits before you can go ahead with your garage conversion

Also, if you plan to replace your garage window or door without changing anything else about your garage walls, there will be no need to obtain planning permission. On the other hand, if your new garage project requires you to add new windows to your garage, that will mean making changes to your garage walls. In this case, you may need permission to carry on. Another thing you may have to consider, in this case, is the line of sight of your neighbours and their privacy. 

Suppose you plan to add a window to the rear or side of your garage, with property adjacent to yours. In that case, your safest option is to speak with the planning department in your area for some advice. If your property is a new project or you’re in a more conservative location, then you may not be subjected to these permitted development rights, as they may not apply here. However, you still have to speak with the planning department in your area for further advice before you start your project. Also, if your property is currently listed, you should apply for a listed building consent before starting your project. 

Don’t hesitate to consult your local planning department or visit the government website if you need further information about what the permitted development and planning permission in your local area entails.