For a time, it seemed that open-plan kitchens were the first and last word in home renovations. It’s not hard to see why. Opening up a space between a kitchen and dining room meant that the visible floor space of the area seemed much more impressive, and the effect allowed for better socializing, even the chance to enjoy better air flow throughout the house.

But of course, they looked fantastic, too. Allowing natural light to flood seamlessly throughout the home is always great to see.

However, not everyone was able to enjoy an open-plan kitchen. Not all homes are designed to make use of them.

Supporting walls between the two rooms can limit the controlled removal of the interceding wall, while sometimes the aesthetic of two separate rooms, like an open plan kitchen feeding into an office area, just didn’t quite match. After all, not all homes are designed with a logistical floor plan conducive to an open plan kitchen.

Now, it seems, we’re witnessing a resurgence in the popularity of open-plan kitchens, despite the challenges mentioned above.

Why are open-plan kitchens popular again?

Open-plan kitchens are relatively painless renovations for the most part. Careful demolition of the immediate wall is a relatively simple job for any worthwhile contractor, and can be completed in a matter of days. From there, restructuring the side space to help one side of the space flow into the other can be ideal. 

All of a sudden you double the perceived space of both rooms, and thanks to the wall no longer being present, you have more space to play with. Open-plan kitchens tend to notably increase the value of a home.

How are the best open-plan kitchens designed?

Open-plan kitchens are at their best when both sides of the prior areas are designed so that the previous division is no longer noticeable. This means laying down flooring that flows from one area to the next seamlessly, keeping the walls a similar color, and matching light fittings can make a huge difference.

Small additions, such as repainting the cabinets or refitting tiles that match with decorations throughout the larger space can work wonders.

How can I integrate my own open-plan kitchen?

With services like Oaklands, cultivating an open plan space and making sure the kitchen redesign fits is a great idea.

Designing and building the dream open plan kitchen means making sure that the fixtures, lighting, and furnishings all fit together. The goal is to make the open-plan space feel cohesive and properly aligned, even if separate areas of this space are designed for separate purposes (such as a living room serving as one side of the open-plan design, with the kitchen at its opposite end).

It’s essential to think of how natural light will play throughout the space too. Window fittings, lighting fixtures, mirror placement and the colour of your wall paint or wallpaper can all have an effect. Furthermore, a careful approach to managing distinct visual flair, such as the back tile or exposed brickwork in the kitchen can provide a unique aesthetic that binds together the space.

So – why not contact Oaklands today? We’d love to take on your project and deliver truly outstanding results.