Remodelling your bathroom is a great way to improve the look and feel of your entire house. Here are 10 reasons you should consider a bathroom remodel.

1.Increasing the value of your home

A badly maintained and unloved bathroom will be a red flag for estate agents and potential buyers alike. Bathrooms experience more wear and tear than most rooms so they are often used as a benchmark when valuing a house. Therefore, a newly refurbished bathroom will increase your house’s sale value by a great deal.

2. Adding more space

A bathroom extension is a great way to improve your quality of life for relatively little money. Increasing the size of your bathtub or adding a walk in shower can add a sense of luxury to your daily routine

3. Adding an extra bathroom

As families grow and children grow up, you might find that one bathroom is not enough. Adding a second bathroom to a bedroom will make your mornings run far more smoothly!

4. A Leaking Bathroom

A neglected bathroom can incur additional costs with water damage affecting walls, rotting joists and affecting the ceiling in the room below this may be due to a leaky shower or bath.

5. Fixing a plumbing problem

Plumbing problems are a nightmare but they can also provide an opportunity. If plumbing work requires parts of your old bathroom to be torn out, you have a perfect excuse to remodel the bathroom at the same time.

6. Improving energy efficiency

Older bathrooms were not built with sustainability in mind. Newer equipment will be greener and more efficient, helping both the environment and your wallet!

7. Saving water

Remodelling your bathroom gives you the opportunity to install water-saving devices such as low flow showerheads, thereby reducing your water bills significantly.

8. Helping an elderly relative

If an elderly family member is staying with you, you can have your bathroom remodelled to include safety features such as low-level access shower trays or a wet room, handrails and chairs.

9. Increasing aesthetic appeal

First impressions count and a brand new bathroom will let you have luxury tiles, digital remote showers, wall-hung sanitary ware and modular furniture. This will send out the message that you really care about your home.

10. You fancy a change

If you’ve lived in the same house for a long time, it’s only natural to get bored with your surroundings. A new bathroom can add some variety to your daily life. It’s definitely cheaper than moving house!

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