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If you are remodelling or creating a new kitchen functionality is critical, but you also need to look at the elegance and your preferences. Here are some factors that you should consider...

When Designing a Kitchen What Factors Should Be Kept in Mind?

If you are remodelling or creating a new kitchen functionality is critical, but you also need to look at the elegance and your preferences. Here are some factors that you should consider

  • Your Budget
  • Location for the bins, sinks and dishwasher
  • Lighting
  • Storage
  • Flooring
  • Ventilation

As you design the kitchen, you may want to think about

It would help if you had a functional kitchen that caters to your family needs. The layout of the different essential components such as the sinks, dishwasher space, countertop, fridge, table and chairs should be systematic. At a glance, everyone should see what's where. It also avoids unnecessary accidents.

Still, when looking at functionality, think about your storage area. Make sure everything is properly and safely stored and at the same time, easily accessible. Have overhead cabinets, shelves, and drawers which can hold most of the kitchenware and food. You may also want to ensure the overhead storage area is easily accessible.

If you have family members with special needs, such as someone on a wheelchair, the design should have them in mind. Also, consider young children as well. Very short countertops can be hazardous to small children, while tall ones may not be ideal to most family members.

The Lighting
A brightly lit kitchen is not only attractive but also makes the space safer and more efficient. Try to get as much natural light into the kitchen then invest in varieties of light for the different sections. You need more light around the cooking and sink area to make the processes safer and more efficient. Consider light enhancements such as pendants that make the kitchen brighter and stylish.

You can avoid falls, colliding into obstacles or slips with the right design and fixtures. To prevent falls and slips, choose brightly coloured tiles that make it easier to spot spills on the floor. Also chose tiles specifically made for the kitchen and labelled floor tiles. They are less slippery.

To make the kitchen safer, make sure there is enough room and when you don't have enough space, accommodate fewer components. For instance, you can forego the table and use the wall countertops instead. A less cluttered space means more safety. Ensure the large appliances such as the fridge are not in the way, and there is enough room to allow at least three people to move about freely.

Adequate ventilation ensures the kitchen has enough fresh air, and the kitchen smells don't linger around for long. A well-ventilated kitchen keeps your food products fresh for longer and makes sure the entire house is not affected by your kitchen's smells. For instance, if your food burns, you want the smell out of the kitchen fast and not into other parts of the house.

Check the quality of all the fixtures and components you add to your space. You want your investment to serve you for long and to ensure this, don't compromise on quality components even when you are working on a budget.

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