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  1. Going Modern: Top Tips For Creating A Contemporary Bathroom

    When it comes to updating aspects of your home, such as your bathroom, opting for a completely different style to what you’re used to can be a daunting task. Contemporary designs, for example, can be notoriously difficult to get right with styles and trends changing more regularly than other established styles (such as rustic or retro).

    As suppliers of truly elegant and stylish modern bathroom furnishings and fittings, as well as installers of complete bathroom setups, we know what goes into getting that perfect look. These simple tips may be brief, but provide you with what you need to choose when it comes to designing your home’s new modern bathroom.

    Simple But Elegant

    Simplicity is key when it comes to creating any kind of modern look in your home, and this is especially true for your bathroom. Simple, muted colours and patterns (such as whites, creams and wood/stone browns) are key when it comes to painting or tiling your walls and choosing floor tiles. Polished concrete or warm wood colours are also effective here to create an effective minimalistic design.

    Straight lines are a necessity too so choose clean geometric when deciding on your bathroom suite, furniture and taps. Space saving furniture is also a must as it maximises the space you have, and serves to enhance the simple minimalistic look.

    Stand Out Shower & Bath

    Your bath and/or shower should be the centrepiece of your bathroom, and bring personality and character with it. Shapely, curvaceous free standing baths are perfect for that modern look and can become something of an artistic centrepiece to punctuate the simplicity you find throughout the rest of your bathroom.

    When it comes to choosing your shower, you need to pick something along similar lines to your bath and with the same kind of visual impact as your bath. Wet rooms, with wall-mounted faucets and shower heads, can be a great way to create something different while still complying with that all-important minimalistic design approach.

    If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom and are dying to create the contemporary look, look no further than Oakland Leicester. As specialist designers and installers of bathrooms in Leicester, we have everything you need to create that perfect modern bathroom. Call us today on 0116 2772252 or visit ourshowroom to view our full range and discuss your options.

  2. Beating The Cold: Easy Ways To Heat Your Home For Less

    We might be heading towards spring, but the cold winter weather is still lingering and refusing to budge, meaning you might find yourself using your heating more this year.

    And with annual energy bills rising by an average of £110 this year, now is the perfect time to look at more efficient and eco-friendly options to cut down on your bills.

    Luxury Underfloor Heating

    Don’t be fooled by the word ‘luxury’ in the title of this paragraph – underfloor heating is, thanks to modern systems and the rise in popularity, an affordable luxury that’s well within financial reach for the average homeowner.

    As well as providing exceptional an unrivalled comfort for bathrooms, kitchens and other tiled areas (such as conservatories) by heating from the ground up, it’s this method of heat distribution that makes them a fantastically efficient choice for your home.

    While conventional radiators work by rapidly heating the air immediately surrounding it, underfloor heating works by distributing the heat more evenly from the ground up. This leads to better distribution of heat (with little being lost towards ceiling height) as well as a more uniform temperature throughout the room.

    Air & Ground Source Heat Pumps

    Heat pumps are an increasingly popular technology for the home, with systems able to draw on usable natural heat in the ground, air or water. This extracted energy is then used and distributed for heating and hot water systems in your home.

    Heat pumps can have an efficiency of up to 400% (meaning they produce four times as much free energy as it takes to power the pump), compared with the 90% efficiency of using standard boilers for heating and hot water. Just like solar panels, when they work at maximum efficiency heat pumps have the potential to completely eliminate your dependence on ‘mains’ energy, and at the very least make massive reductions on your usage.

    If you’re looking for more effective and more efficient ways to heat your home, as well as being able to bring down your energy usage, then get in touch with us here at Oakland Leicester. We can supply, as well as fit, a wide range of underfloor heating and heat pump products for your home, helping you to do your bit for the planet while cutting your bills. Call us today on 0116 2772252 to discuss what options would be best for your home.

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