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  1. Why The Kitchen Is The Heart Of Your Home

    It’s well known to always end up in the kitchen at parties, but what about the rest of the time too? The kitchen is probably the most used room in the modern home; even Gwenyth Paltrow’s interior designer was recently quoted saying “The kitchen is the new living room”. It’s a place to cook, eat as a family, catch up over a cup of coffee and gather friends together.  Here’s a few reasons why we believe that the kitchen should be the heart of your home.

    It’s Functional

    The kitchen is one of the rare rooms in the house which has a very specific purpose, and it’s important that it serves it’s purpose well. Whilst a living room could be a TV room, a gaming room or a reading room depending on your personal preference, everybody associates the kitchen with food and drink. Whether you’re cooking up a feast, sneaking a midnight snack or grabbing an early morning coffee, the kitchen is the place to be.

     It’s Sociable

    It’s is a great place for families and friends to come together and talk about their day. More and more people are integrating their kitchen with their living room to create a multi-purpose space for the whole household. If you enjoy holding dinner parties, you’ll want to cook your guests amazing food but still play your role as host; integrating your kitchen with your dining/living area is a great way to have the best of both worlds, seamlessly blending cooking and socialising.

    It’s Universal

    The kitchen is valued across the globe and has been for centuries, dating back to medieval times when it was just a hearthstone and a pot. Where ever you go around the world, you’re bound to find a bustling kitchen not far away.

    We believe that the kitchen is the heart and social hub of most homes, so you want it to be done right. Refurbishing your kitchen is a long term investment and we understand that you will want a space which you enjoy, an area to bring up your family and a room where good memories can be made. Here atOakland Leicester, we specialise in creating bespoke, designer kitchens across Leicester. We will conceive and install a kitchen to suit your lifestyle and tastes, allowing you as much input as possible so that you get a room which you can be proud of. Call 0116 2772252  or contact us online for more information.

  2. Top Tips To Bring The Summer Into Your Kitchen

    The summer is finally upon us; a time for parties, barbecues and fresh tasty food. In preparation, why not get your kitchen ready for the sunny season? There’s plenty of moderations you can make, both big and small to bring the summer into one of the most important rooms in your home.

    A Place To Gather

    If you’re readying your kitchen for a season of parties and gatherings, make sure you have somewhere where your friends can gather while you cook them up a feast. Install a kitchen bar or island to provide a focal point, complete with high stools for your guests. Lay out some summer snacks and cocktails on your bar and enjoy!

    Seasonal Colours

    Everyone has their own opinion on what the right colours for summer are, but whatever your favourite summer colours are, bring them to your kitchen! Whether its a bright sunshine yellow, a pale pastel combination or neutral tones, the colour scheme can change the entire ambience of a room and it’s easier to change than you think. You could invest in new coloured blinds and accessories, or go the whole hog and repaint and plaster the walls with Oakland Leicester’s help.

    Country Style

    Country kitchens are a classic and conjure up feelings of summer getaways. A country style kitchen really makes the best of the summer months, with warm colours and natural materials. Here at Oakland Leicester, we have helped design and install many country kitchen designs, so if you want to go all out and turn your kitchen into a classic country space, feel free to browse our gallery for inspiration and contact us for more details.

    Whether you’re simply looking for summer lighting or plastering or you want a complete kitchen makeover, Oakland Leicester can help. We specialise in creating bespoke fitted kitchens throughout Leicester and Leicestershire. Designing and organising your kitchen will take at least 3 months from the point of contact to ensure a dream kitchen with full input from you, so don’t delay! For more information about our services, call 0116 2772252 or contact us online today.

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