Five Clever Tricks To Maximise A Small Space

We all dream of having a large luxurious kitchen and bathroom space, but this isn’t always possible in reality. If you’ve got poky kitchen or bathroom, you may be thinking that there’s nothing you can do to revive your small space. But in this post, Oakland Leicester show you some sneaky tricks to help you create a kitchen or bathroom design that really makes the most of the space you have available.

1. Colours

A small room can be opened up and appear larger if you adopt a light, pastel or neutral colour scheme. You can still personalise it with small accessories and personal touches. If you have windows in the room, make the most out of them; use blinds or drapes as little as possible and let the light stream in. Artificial lighting can make people feel trapped and closed in; natural sunlight lifts the spirits and creates the illusion of feeling closer to the outdoors, and therefore more free.

2. Focal Point

If you’ve kept the rest of the décor plain and neutral, create a focal point that will catch the eye. Perhaps a splash of colour in the form of a kitchen or bathroom splashback, a decorative mirror or a piece of artwork of your choice. If people are focusing on your focal point enough, they’re less likely to notice how small the rest of the space is!

3. Corners

The corners of rooms are often overlooked, but utilising them can really help you with storage and space. Don’t just install cupboards along the walls – install them in the corners too. Try adding a corner cupboard or drawers to your kitchen or even a corner sink in your bathroom.

4. Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a great way to maximise space; it’s particularly popular in bathrooms. The entire heating system is under foot, so there’s no need for big clunky radiators taking up precious space. Here at Oakland Leicester, we supply and fit underfloor heating in association with Nu-Heat.

5. Minimise Clutter

Obviously we understand that this is easier said than done. But it’s more important than even to keep smaller rooms neat and tidy. For your kitchen, dedicate one cupboard to housing all of your appliances, so they’re easily accessible but hidden away when not needed. In the bathroom, try to keep only what you require on a daily basis in the room itself and your other, non-essential toiletries in a larger room elsewhere.

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