Essential Design Advice For A Classic, Traditional Kitchen

When it comes to redesigning kitchen, there are two big styles which are top of the popularity charts at the moment – one of these being the sleek, ultra-modern kitchens. The other is something a little more classic and traditional.


The design ideas behind this style of kitchen are simple yet effective in creating a warm, welcoming and very homely feel that still gives a modern touch to those who aren’t fans of contemporary styled kitchens. These handy tips, along with our kitchen fitting services here at Oakland Leicester, will get you well on your way to a brand new kitchen with that touch of tradition.

1. Warm Colour Schemes Are Essential

Since classic kitchens are all about traditional designs, particularly wood finished furniture, having a colour scheme that complements this is vital for creating the perfect look. When it comes to choosing flooring, tiles colours, furniture colours (like rugs) or paint schemes for walls then choosing warm palates and traditional Heritage colours are ideal for the perfect traditional feel – whether it’s throughout the room or just at intervals to punctuated muted whites or creams.

2. Classic Flooring & Traditional Furnishings

Don’t think that you’re limiting yourself with your traditional style. You’ve got a whole host of great options when it comes to flooring in your classic kitchen – you could continue the warm colour/natural wood theme and go for hardwood or wood-style laminate flooring, or you could choose traditional natural stone or red quarry tiles. Either would work well, and help round of the rest of your room’s design perfectly.

Traditional furnishings are a must, too. Choose modern appliances, like cookers, that will seamlessly blend in with the rest of your room and consider classic furnishings like traditional wood tables and chairs, and a big ‘farm sink’ for the classic kitchen feel.

3. Wood Works Well

When it comes to classic kitchens, you can never have too much wood. Moving on from the flooring, wooden cabinets and other natural wood finish units and furnishings all help to create your desired design. From chairs and cabinets to worktops and furnishings, natural finished wood has the ability to look incredibly stylish and homely at the same time.

If you’ve got any wooden beams in your kitchen then these are definitely worth taking advantage of – finish them to match the wood colours in the rest of the room for the perfect look. It’s even possible to retrofit wooden beams purely for an aesthetic purpose, if you’re really dedicated to getting that authentic traditional kitchen look.

If your kitchen is in need of a renovation and you want to go for that classic kitchen look, then call us today on 0116 2772252 for expert advice and a free quotation on your dream project. We’ll happily help you design your ideal classic kitchen, supply you with everything you need and get it installed for a flawless and professional all-round service in Leicester and the wider Leicestershire area.

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